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Payment, Shipping and Returns

What payment types do you accept?
Currently, we are only accepting Paypal but are looking to expand options in the future.
How long does it take to ship my product?
Please allow 5 to 7 days for shipping after we receive your order and payment. Custom orders take longer to process and ship so please be patient. Order with plenty of lead time so you get your barrels in time for parties, gifts, holidays and other special occasions!
What is your return policy?
You have 7 days from the time you receive your kits to get them back to us. There is a 20% restocking fee and you must get authorization before returning kit. The returned kit should be complete and in sellable condition. Additional "flavoraging" kits, all personalized items, spigots, bung plugs and stands are not returnable. You are responsible shipping costs on returns. Please inspect all merchandise on arrival.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we do not ship internationally.

Product Information

What does my kit include?
Kit includes an American Oak barrel with steel bands that has been charred on the inside to aid in the mellowing process of your spirits. Also included are "flavoraging" ingredients which are toasted oak sticks (to further accelerate the aging and mellowing of your spirits), and proprietary flavorings for you to add to the clear, un-aged spirits of your choosing. Other items in your kit include a bung stop, spigot, measuring rod, instructions, barrel care information and helpful hints.
What is "flavoraging?"
Flavoraging is not a word! We made it up! Flavoraging is the process of aging the spirits of your choosing while also adding flavors (ours or your or none!) to craft a taste that is truly yours. We like to add flavorings a bit at a time and sample (often if possible) to find the best taste.
What comes in a "flavoraging" kit?
The kit includes the flavoring bottle with one of our recipes in it as well as toasted oak sticks to give the interior of a barrel more surface area for the spirits to interact with. You will have your choice of flavorings that will make a great Whiskey, Tequila or Rum. We are always working on new flavor combinations so please check back or follow us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/BlueRidgeMountainSpirits
What is in your flavorings and how did you create them?
All of our flavorings have been tried and tested over a long period of time. All of our ingredients are ones that are commercially available to anyone in the United States. We have taken these products and combined them in ways that we think will work well with spirits that our customers will want to age.
Do I have to use your flavorings?
Nope. We want to provide flavorings to get you started and so you can start with a great "flavoraging" experience that we have had so much fun with. You do not have to use your own flavors either! You may choose not to add flavor and just let the charred oak do what it does naturally: mellowing of the distilled spirits and adding a subtle oak flavor.
How are your products made?
Papa wants you to know that none of his products are mass produced. Papa's barrels, engraving, spigots, stands, bung stops, and flavorings are handmade, hand-crafted and hand-packed, so please expect some minor variations in the products. Of course, that is what makes your kit one of a kind right down to Papa's signature on the instructions.

How to and Our Suggested Methodology

What is the best type of base spirit to use?
Different proofs, qualities and ingredients used in the spirits you choose to age will produce a different end product. We have included a list of tested flavors that we feel go well with clear spirits. Lower proof (recommended 70 - 80 proof) and higher quality spirits produce better tastes and flavors. Remember that you don't have to age just clear spirits, you could take a great scotch and age it in a small barrel to further enhance the flavor!
What else do I need to get started once I receive my kit?
You will need a small funnel, small hammer, cloth or paper towels, tap water and your choice of clear spirits (spirits not included in kit).
How much faster will my spirits age versus spirits in a big name distillery?
Depending on the barrel size that you choose, spirits should age anywhere from 4 – 10 times faster. The reason for the faster aging is that the spirits have more exposure to the charred oak due to the smaller barrel size. Remember, the longer the spirits are in the barrel, the mellower (and the better in our opinion) the end result will be. Each type of spirit (i.e. rum, whiskey, tequila) will also take a different amount of time to mellow in the barrel due to their individual chemistry.
How many times can I reuse my barrel?
That depends on how much time you have. As you can imagine, the spirits pull flavor out of the charred oak and therefore leave less behind for the next batch. We have customers who have gotten over 20 uses out of a barrel but keep in mind that each subsequent batch will take longer to age.
Can these barrels be used to age cocktails?
Absolutely! We have friends that have used our barrels to age cocktails with great results. As with any other recipe, however, make sure you do your research on what TYPES of cocktails work for barrel aging and what does not. There are many cocktails that will spoil over time if put in a barrel.
Can these barrels be used to age wine or beer?
Definitely! Many vintners and brewers are looking for used aging barrels to age their creations in. We provide barrels to many of these folks who age a batch of spirits and then use their barrels for beer or wine aging afterward.
What if I do not have enough spirits to fill the barrel?
That is fine although the less spirits in the barrel, the longer it will take to age. The best practice is to fill the barrel almost completely leaving only enough room for your flavoring.


My barrel is still leaking…
Almost all leaks are the result of not swelling the barrel for a long enough period of time. Since these products are hand-made, each one may take a longer period of time to seal through the swelling process. Make sure to keep a dry cloth or dry paper towels underneath of your barrel throughout the swelling process.
My barrel and/or stand is stained from the swelling process…
This may indeed happen as the water that is swelling the barrel from the inside will leak through the gaps until the barrel fully swells. This may, by itself or by interacting with the black steel bands, cause a stain on the barrel or barrel head. If it is just water, the stain will go away as the barrel dries on the outside. If some of the black comes off of the steel, the stain may be permanent. While we know this may bother some people, it is a product of the aging process and happens in the big distilleries too. If you are only looking for a show piece, we would be happy to sell you an extra barrel!
It seems like the aging process is taking a lot longer than you say…
It is important that you fill the barrel nearly full with spirits only allow enough space to add your flavorings. If you partially fill the barrel, the aging process will take longer as there is less charred oak surface area for the spirit to interact with over time. Another best practice is to agitate the spirits during the aging process. No, don't yell at it. Pick up the barrel and slosh the spirits back and forth whenever you can to increase the charred oak/spirit interaction.