Our Family

One cool Fall night in the North Georgia Mountains, Papa Rudy and his son-in-law were talking and sipping whiskey while sitting around the fire pit. They were debating what whiskey was the best and why. They eventually argued (and drank) themselves cross-eyed. What came out of that night though was the idea of giving people a way to craft their own spirits without the risk of getting arrested or blowing eyebrows off. Inspired by the beauty, serenity, traditions and heritage of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we developed a fun and easy technique for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Blue Ridge Mountain Spirits was born that night and we have been having a "barrel of fun" ever since. We hope you take part of the journey with us!

"My family has always had a tough time finding me a present for my birthday or Christmas. I always thought that something unique and different was better than expensive or fancy. I have tried hard to keep that in mind with the development of Blue Ridge Mountain Spirits." – Papa Rudy