How It Works

The process is simple:

  • 1. Buy a barrel kit
  • 2. Pour the clear liquor of your choice and one of our killer flavorings into the barrel
  • 3. Wait a few weeks and taste the spirits that you crafted!
  • 4. Repeat or try aging a different spirits, wine, beer or even vinegar…

Our smaller barrels range from 1 liter to 10 liters in size which means that the spirits that you add have more charred surface area to interact with than in the big distiller's barrels. This means that you can achieve the same mellow flavors in our small batches in 5-10x less time depending on barrel size and liquor type. Simply purchase the clear spirits you prefer to age and flavor. Buy one of our kits that match the clear spirit you purchased (whiskey, tequila, rum). Follow the detailed instructions and advice on how to use the "flavoraging" kit supplied with your charred, American Oak barrel. The fun in crafting your own spirits is both in the journey and in the destination. Add flavoring a bit at a time and make sure you sample! Once you have tried our flavorings that come with your kit, you can create your own! You can also age almost anything you can think of in your barrel: wine, beer, cocktails, or cocktail bitters.

"I want you to have the experience of creating the distinguished look and taste of spirits crafted to your own taste!" – Papa Rudy